Consultancy and Product developement

APAPROCESSING team offers their know-how to our clients to help them during the implementation of the HPP in their production steps, either in new developed products as well as in existing products that requires an added value.

Our technicians have a wide working experience in this technology and give the advice needed to determine the operational parameters that will allow reaching the desired aims in the product (shelf life extension, food safety, innovative product development, etc), depending on the type of product and target market.

Asesoramiento APA Processing

In addition, at APAPROCESSING we have two renowned technology partners: IRTA  and AZTI. These two centres and Hiperbaric, pioneers in the study of high pressure applications in Spain, are willing to collaborate with our clients in any preliminary studies considered necessary.

Our support and collaboration go beyond the technical analysis, providing a deep analysis of all the economic and logistical aspects necessary, firstly to evaluate and then to decide upon the best alternatives. Once the best option has been chosen, it is implemented with a fast and efficient approach.